Marija Bojović

Publisher: Bojović & Partners



Partner Marija Bojović moderated the panel named “Is this a man’s world?” at the very first Women’s Leadership Summit 2017, held in Belgrade on 25-26 October, organized by AFA.

At the panel, which was devoted to women in business, finance and consulting, was discussed about key issues that employed women are facing. From the position of women in companies, their experiences in the so-called “men’s” world, the relation towards other business women, are men better paid or in the highest positions within the company, to how much technological changes and innovations are present in the industries in which they work and who accepts it better – men or women as well as how women today balance between private and business life.

This was an exclusive two day women’s summit with some of the brightest minds in business, science, education, administration, diplomacy, media and culture.

More about AFA organization:

AFA – Association For Affirmation is an expansive and diverse professional women’s network dedicated to the engagement of women, and committed to their professional and personal growth through cooperation, knowledge and experience exchange. Our community is made up of successful, motivated and passionate professionals from various industries and in different stages of their careers: groundbreakers, thought leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, artists, board members, and visionaries but also, alumnae and students. Some are at the top of their fields, and others are on their way, but they all share one common belief: that investing in themselves and in other women is good business and that networking has been considered the number one unwritten rule of success.