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Serbia: Uros Popovic for DataGuidance

Serbia: Uros Popovic for DataGuidance

Uros Popovic for DataGuidance gives a brief overview of Poverenik’s press release about the draft Law on Personal Data Protection.

The Serbian Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection (Poverenik) issued on 4 November 2015 a press release that strongly criticizes a new draft Law on Personal Data Protection published by the Ministry of Justice. 

Uros Popovic, Partner at Bojovic & Partners, told DataGuidance, "In general, it is quite obvious that the Poverenik's version of the Draft Law deals with many issues with a greater degree of detail as compared to the Government's Draft Law as it contains over 30 articles more than the Government's. [In addition], and with respect to one of the most prominent issues under the current law, both Drafts seem to introduce an exception to obtaining the Poverenik's prior consent for export of data to a 'non-approved' jurisdiction in case of written consent from the data subject, which is certainly a highly welcome change compared to the current legislative solution."

A full version of the article is available at the following link.