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Uroš Popović for DataGuidance – Serbia: Data Protection Overview

Uroš Popović for DataGuidance – Serbia: Data Protection Overview

Uroš Popović updated the Data Protection Overview guidance note for Serbia, highlighting the most important items of the Serbian data protection legislation regulated in the Law on Personal Data Protection.

“The authority competent for supervision of the application of the Law, i.e. the Commissioner for Information of Public Interest and Personal Data Protection (‘the DPA), has, on many occasions, pointed out the drawbacks of the Law, stating that the existing legal framework in the field of protection of personal data is far from adequate especially in terms of its completeness. In that regard, of all the issues with the relevant legal framework the DPA has, among others, continuously stressed two major issues:

the Law is not fully compliant with the relevant EU acquis on which it was purportedly based, particularly with the European Parliament and Council Directive 95/46 on Personal Data Protection.  It is also not compliant with Convention number 108 of the Council of Europe on the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data;

secondary legislation in the field of personal data protection insufficiently and inadequately regulates the issues that it should govern, and regulates issues that should be regulated exclusively under the Law.”

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